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What is a meat thermometer and what is it for?

A meat thermometer is a very useful tool in any kitchen. Obtaining the optimal point of cooking of the meat may seem simple, but it is one of the most difficult skills to perfect;a very high temperature can make the meat cook excessively on the outside and stay short that the meat is raw inside. To cook the meat always at its point our best ally is a thermometer.

A meat grinder thermometer, has a probe in the shape of a skewer that is inserted into the food and lets us know at what exact temperature it is. The length of the probe is variable and depends on the thermometer model, so, depending on the type of meat we are cooking, we can know the temperature from beef steaks to pork tenderloins, chickens and other birds.

Thermometer maintenance

 - The meat thermometer must be clean everytime we use it; once we have finished using it, it should be cleaned following the manufacturer's recommendations. Usually a damp cloth is enough and in cases of greater dirt you can clean the probe like crockery and there are waterproof models that could be washed in a dishwasher. Keep in mind that any remainder in the probe, especially if we are not going to use it for some time, could contaminate your food.
 - We must ensure that the meat thermometer works correctly, so it must be calibrated every so often. If we do not, it is possible that it loses precision and that our stews are not cooked properly.
 - Check the integrity of the thermometer and its probe each time you use it; It is important that the probe does not present any type of crack where it could accumulate remains very difficult to clean that would eventually become bacterial cultures that would later pass to the meat. If the probe is damaged do not repair it, replace it or you could be endangering your guests
Using a meat thermometer is not complex and allows you to achieve the best flavor in your dishes 100% of the time, so do not hesitate and get one for your kitchen right now.


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