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What is a wall thermometer?

You already know that a thermometer is a type of instrument that has the task of measuring the temperature; for this, a graduated scale and a special substance will be used that will be susceptible to the changes of temperature that are produced; whether it is expanded by heat, or if it contracts as a result of cold. Wall thermometers are any type of thermometer that are placed on a wall or vertical surface. They usually have slits in their structure that allow them to be fixed to the wall by means of screws or spikes.

What can a wall thermometer be for?

Wall thermometers are generally room thermometers and as such measure the temperature of the environment in rooms although they can be mounted outdoors as porches or facades if the instrument is prepared for adverse conditions. The fixed location of the thermometer on the wall makes it a functional element, which allows us to consult the temperature in a simple way, as well as decorative.

Types of wall thermometers

As in all categories of thermometers there are two large families according to the way of presenting the temperature data:


In the older analog thermometers, the measurements are presented by a dial and a needle in the case of dial thermometers or as a column of liquid in a glass rod. In both cases an associated scale will indicate the temperature.


Digital wall thermometers, on the other hand, offer us the results as numbers on a screen, which greatly facilitates their reading. Digital thermometers can include many other functions such as backlit displays to read temperature in dark areas; alarms that warn us when the temperature exceeds a previously established limit or simply the time and date.

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