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What is it and what is it for?

The use of a barbecue thermometer is a reliable way to know if meats and any other type of food are cooking at the right temperature for a perfect taste and healthy consumption. To avoid any kind of problem with their consumption, the food should be cooked until it reaches an adequate temperature, enough to eliminate all types of harmful bacteria that may contain.
When is a food "well cooked"? This depends on the taste of each person, but as indicated above, the food must reach a minimum temperature that guarantees its health. With a barbecue thermometer you will have the guarantee that the meat has been cooked well and that it is ready to be consumed. Some models have a long probe to introduce into the center of the piece, thus preventing the interior from being raw.

In the market we can find a whole series of different barbeque thermometers, from those which have an analogical control of the temperature, to other digital ones with LCD screen. These ones may have audio alert, remote connections or low battery indicators.

Depending on the use you are thinking of giving, you can choose the model that best suits our needs.

Basic use

To get the exact point of the meat, we can rely on the help of a barbecue thermometer. First, we will have to check that the thermometer is in good condition, especially the probe, which does not have any previous food.
-If we like the meat extra rare (bleu) the temperature should be between 40-45ºC
-If we prefer rare meat (Saignant), with a temperature of 50-55ºC it will be more than enough.
-If we want medium rare meat (au point), the temperature should oscillate between 58 and 62ºC.
-In the case that we want it well done (bien cuit), the necessary temperature is 68-70ºC.

Leaving the thermometer aside for a moment, all lovers of meat know the point we like, so it is worth trying with several different cooking points. But if you do not want surprises, opt for a barbecue thermometer, without hesitation.

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