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Temperatur- und Feuchtigkeits-Datenlogger

In this section we propose different products so you can buy a data logger for temperature and humidity; a whole series of different proposals that will surely help you find what you need.

What does it measure?

As their own name indicates, these devices have the ability to measure both the temperature of a continuous environment, as well as the relative humidity that can be in, for example, a warehouse or in an office, as with a hygrometer , achieving absolute control over all the values ​​in question.

How to use it?

The truth is that the use will depend on each model; There are some options that are used in key places where the reliability and accuracy is very high (like the TGP-4XXX models). For example, these models include a series of internal sensors that allow them to be very precise when it comes to taking data outdoors or in industrial places. They achieve a high resolution of reading, they have good memory and all the data that is stored can be downloaded quickly at the moment in which we want.

Characteristics of the Data Logger temperature and humidity

Memory: Memory is one of the key data of these devices. Keep in mind that some of them will offer you the measurement directly when they are connected, so they are the easiest to visualize, while others will save it in their internal memory and can not be viewed until you have connected with them. a compatible device. The idea of ​​reserving memory is to be able to measure several zones and then break down the results to have them more organized: only in this way, the highest precision will be achieved with them.

Transmission system: If we take a look at the past of the temperature and humidity data logger, we found ourselves with bulky devices with complicated connections to use; for example, connections of type RS223 (nowadays it is complicated to find computers that have them). That is why, the vast majority of temperature and humidity data loggers at the moment give us the possibility to download all the data through a USB cable, achieving almost direct transfer, or there is even the possibility of using a data logger wifi

-Software easy to use: As an intermediary between the hardware and the device, software is required from which all the functions can be controlled, as well as making the transfer in question. This software should be easy to use, although the most advanced, the most complete, will require a broad domain by the user.

-Other functions: We can also find them resistant to water, with greater or lesser autonomy, with more memory, if you have a structure to be able to connect discreetly to the environment, with prices more or less high.

This is the operation of a data logger of temperature and humidity, and some of its basic characteristics, so that you already know what you are buying.


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