What is a data logger?

Data loggers are electronic devices that record data over time with either a built-in sensor or external sensors. They are usually small and portable and are powered by batteries. They have microprocessor, internal memory for data storage and sensors. Some data loggers interact with a computer and require software to be activated and view and analyze the collected data, while others have a local interface device (LCD screen and buttons) and can be used as a standalone device. However, the vast majority of manufacturers classify the datalogger as a stand-alone device capable of reading electrical signals linked to the measurement of magnitudes, such as temperature, humidity, voltage ... etc. The data is stored in an internal memory and is accessible from specialized software or in some cases in the form of a PDF report when the device is connected to the computer.

What advantages do they have?

The main advantage of these data acquisition systems is that the information is not lost when we are not observing the instrument but it is stored which allows it to be analyzed a posteriori from any PC.

What types of data logger are there?

Given its function of data collection, the applications of these instruments have virtually no limit in the industry. In the same way for the same application there is a wide range of models ranging from simple design devices and affordable prices to instruments specifically designed for very specific applications that can cost hundreds or even thousands of euros. The dataloggers available on our website measure magnitudes such as the temperature and humidity data logger and even the voltage or amperage.

How to choose a datalogger?

The choice of a datalogger is determined by the application to which the instrument will be destined as well as the working conditions to which it will be subjected. For example, if you want to place a datalogger in the trailer of a freight truck to control the temperature at which a shipment of fruit will travel you will need a type of datalogger if you want to measure the temperature at 5m depth of a fish farm you will need another. We must take into account the datalogger's specifications to know if it fits our needs.

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  • Con cables fep de 1 m y sonda de Ø3.3x100mm
    Hochpräzises Datenlogger bis -100ºC
    ab 91,04€
    Datenlogger -100ºC
  • Datalogger de -200 hasta 1400ºC con sonda intercambiable tipo k
    Hochpräzises Datenlogger bis -100ºC
    ab 108,74€
    Datalogger -100ºC
  • Termómetro de -200 hasta 1400ºC con sonda intercambiable tipo k
    Hochpräzises Datenlogger bis -100ºC
    ab 108,74€
    Termómetro 1400ºC
  • Con cables de silicona de 1 m y sonda de Ø4x50mm
    Hochpräzises Datenlogger bis -100ºC
    ab 91,04€
    Datalogger -100ºC
  • Data logger GesaLog registrador con su caja
    GesaLog Plus Datenlogger mit externer Sonde
    ab 19,92€
  • precisión de 2% en humedad y 0.2 grados en temperatura
    Präzisions Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit Datenlogger
    ab 88,51€
    Präzisions 2%
  • Con resolución de 0.01 y precisión de 0.4ºC
    Temperaturdatenlogger -30 bis 70°C
    ab 80,92€
    Alarm max/min
  • Data logger sumergible hasta 500m
    Untertauchbarer Datenlogger bis 500m
    ab 169,94€
  • Untertauchbarer Datenlogger für hohe Temperaturen
    Untertauchbarer Datenlogger für hohe Temperaturen
    ab 234,68€
  • Data logger inalámbrico WiFi de 0 a 50ºC
    WiFi-Datenlogger ThermaData mit innen sensor von 0 bis 50ºC
    ab 174,06€
  • Data logger hasta 105ºC en acero inoxidable con sonda de penetración y anilla
    Edelstahl-Datenlogger ThemaData von -20 bis 105ºC
    ab 183,73€
  • Data logger temperatura -40 a 125ºC
    Temperatur Datenlogger -40 bis 125ºC
    ab 96,70€
  • Data logger temperatura y humedad con sonda externa -20 a 85ºC // 0 a 100% HR
    Temperatur- und Feuchtigkeitsdatenlogger mit externer Sonde -40 bis 85ºC // 0...
    ab 174,06€
  • Data logger Tempmate M1 registrador de temperaturas mercancias, venta en gesa
    Multifunktios-Datenlogger Tempmate M1
    ab 72,00€
  • Temperature data logger for transportation with built-in sensor
    ab 77,44€
  • Data loggers for temperature and humidity
    Wasserfeste Datenlogger
    ab 147,14€
  • Data logger para voltaje y amperaje
    ab 1.231,30€
  • Data loggers con pantalla para temperatura y humedad
    Temperatur-Datenlogger mit Display
    ab 170,37€
  • Handdatenlogger für Temperatur- und Feuchtigkeitsmessungen
    ab 325,25€
  • Data logger compacto para temperatura
    Kompakt-Datenlogger für Temperatur
    ab 91,38€
  • Indoor temperature data logger
    Temperatur-Datenlogger für den Innenbereich
    ab 106,87€
  • Data logger voltaje y amperaje con pantalla
    Strom- und Spannungsdatenlogger mit Display
    ab 178,04€
  • Data logger resistente con pinza de corriente 0-200A AC
    Datenlogger mit 0-200A Wechselstrom-Klemme
  • Data logger compacto para amperaje y voltaje
    Kompakt-Datenlogger für Stromstärke und Spannung
    ab 113,29€

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