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In the kitchen, knowing the exact temperature of our elaborations, both liquid and solid, is essential. Therefore, thermometers for liquids are key when cooking certain foods.

For example, when cooking, blanching or sterilizing the cooking material, make sure that the temperature reaches the appropriate level and that it is maintained for the necessary period of time. The only way to ensure 100% is to use one of these thermometers.

Within each one of them we can find many options: there are digital ones with LCD screen, which will allow us to read the measurements in a very comfortable way; we can also find analog thermometers that do not require maintenance and will last us a lifetime if we are careful.

What differentiates a thermometer for liquids?

A liquid thermometer, as its name suggests, can be submerged in liquids or semi-liquids and have a high accuracy. Two types can be differentiated: those that have an integrated probe and are completely resistant to water and those that have a waterproof probe connected to the instrument, this being waterproof or not.

In any case, the probe must be completely compatible with water or other liquids; if not the moment we make the measurement we could spoil the kitchen thermometers for liquids.

What do they measure?

With a digital thermometer with probe for liquids we can control the temperature of milk, caramel, water baths and any liquid. But not only that, some models with a pin probe also allow us to measure meat on the grill or in barbecues.

Their main advantage is that they are very easy to use and as soon as you get used to them you will not be able to cook without them.

What is the thermometer for liquids used for?

When we have to make some fried foods, it will be very practical to identify how many degrees the oil is at that moment; for example, avoiding that food can get burned on the outside, but remaining raw in the inside.

They are also very useful when we are preparing candy. This process requires a precise control of the temperature according to the type of candy that we want to make, from heavy syrup to "hard ball" the candy goes through many phases and they all have their applications, each one needs a different time and temperature . A candy thermometer is the perfect tool for these cases.

They help us to cook with greater precision: sometimes experience and intuition are enough, but for that it takes a lot of practice, and the kitchen thermometers help us to guess 100% of the time.

With a specialized thermometer for liquids, caramel or other application, however much the cooking variables change, we will know that the temperature will never be the problem.


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