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Datalogger inalámbrico WIFI

What is it for?

A wifi data logger is an instrument that is used to measure temperature or humidity in different spaces and that unlike normal data logger , they send the recorded data via WiFi. This solution is very comfortable and allows us to control the temperature and humidity from anywhere. Depending on each model, the measurement ranges can be very high if combined with temperature probes that can reach up to 1300ºC. The usual, however, is its use in ranges between -10 and 60ºC and humidity from 0 to 90% RH without condensation.

How to use a wifi thermometer

At programmable intervals, the WiFi data logger will record temperatures to its maximum readings. Using the unique identification of each recorder ThermaData Studio software creates a secure connection between the instrument and the software, through the office router, all the data will be transferred to the web server. Thus, all this data will be accessible from any computer on the network from a web browser.

Each logger communicates directly with the Internet via ThermaData Studio. The information is available to be analyzed and exported.

What can it be used for?

The applications of a WiFi data logger are very varied. They can be used, for example, to record the temperature in cold rooms or monitor chemical tests; It is useful for pharmacies and for temperature control in storage enclosures. In short, any situation that requires a remote and comfortable access to the recorded data, can benefit from the use of temperature recorders with data transmission via a WiFi thermometer.

These would be the main uses of the wiFi data logger, but its application is universal since they can also be used to control nurseries or second homes.

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