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The fixed probe thermometers cover a wide range of measurement so that you can give countless uses, for example, to measure the temperature of different food processes, in liquid water treatment plants, cold stores, bakery, frozen products, pastry and much more.

The probe is the sensing element and consists of a stem or tube generally metallic whose length, diameter and shape vary according to the use for which it was manufactured. In fixed probe thermometers this can not be uncoupled and is attached to the digital thermometer via cable.

What differentiates them from thermometers without a probe?

The main advantage of the probe is that you can measure processes at extreme temperatures that no instrument with an internal sensor could support.

Another advantage is the location of the temperature, that is, a digital thermometer with probe can measure the temperature of a particular product inside a cold store (and sometimes the differences can be significant), while room thermometers will only measure the temperature of the environment.

What do they measure?

As we have seen, they can be used for many things. The different models of fixed probe digital thermometers will cover a specific need according to the type of probe associated. For example, in the food sector we can accurately measure the temperatures of food, liquids or solids, with penetration probes of rapid response or reduced tip. This way we will control that the cold chain of the food does not break, which can produce that those foods are corrupted and are not apt for consumption.

How are they used?

The operation of a digital thermometer with probe is very simple. All we have to do is place the probe in the desired place and we can read the information on the screen automatically. Now, as we have already mentioned, there are many types of probes (different lengths and diameters).

What are they used for?

-They can be used to control the temperature at which the food is being made (especially the meat). For example, in a professional kitchen, if we wanted to determine if a piece of meat is cooked to the desired point, it is most likely that we do not want to work with a probe too wide, since we could ruin the presentation.

-In the motor world it can also be used to control the temperature of tires or engine parts that are not easily accessible.

-They are used to take instantaneous temperature readings of liquids or semi-solid samples. These are some uses of probe thermometers.

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