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What is a kitchen thermometer?

If we want to prepare quality dishes to delight guests or our partner, we must take into account some factors when cooking. For example, choose quality and seasonal products, have all the necessary kitchen equipment and control the cooking times and temperature very well. This is where the kitchen thermometers come in, as they will allow us to control the temperature at which our stews, meats or fish are cooked and, of course, desserts.

What can a kitchen thermometer be for?

Cooking thermometers can be used by chefs in luxury restaurants and by anyone in the kitchen of your home. Using a thermometer we gain precision when cooking and eliminate the possibility of passing or not reaching the perfect cooking point. And if we want to prepare recipes correctly whether we are professionals or amateurs, controlling the exact temperature is absolutely essential. As we can see more frequently in television programs, a few degrees of more or less can completely ruin the final result. There are also pots that use pressure gauges as an accessory to keep pressure under control

Types of thermometers for cooking

 - Skewer thermometers for meat and fish: They are the most basic instrument and the ones that should not be missing in any kitchen. There are many different types and brands and you can find both very cheap models as well as more professional ones with superior features. They are characterized by having a probe in the form of a skewer to insert into food, usually meat or fish. In just a few seconds, the thermometer will show you the exact temperature, ideal as a food thermometer.

 - Baking thermometers: Although theoretically the oven should indicate the exact temperature, there may be old models or wood ovens that do not have an integrated thermometer. It is also common that there is variation between what the oven marks and the actual temperature. The oven thermometers can be designed to be placed inside and visible from the outside (see thermometer for oven interior ) or simply have a cable probe that allows you to read the temperature from outside (see outdoor thermometer with probe )

 - Oil thermometers for fryer: They are thermometers with metal probe whose range reaches the temperature at which the oil we want to measure will serve us. They could be skewer thermometers like meat thermometers.

 - Thermometers for baking, chocolate, caramel: They are thermometers that count in their scale with the optimal cooking temperatures of different ingredients. Take a look at our selection of kitchen thermometers and do not hesitate to incorporate this essential tool into your collection.

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    Kit de thermomètre budget légionelles
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    Thermomètre digitla Gourmet pour catering
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    Thermomètre électronique imperméable IP 65...
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    Thermomètre digital max/min pour...
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    Thermomètre électronique pour fours
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    Thermomètre digital pour lave-vaisselle
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    Thermomètre digital TempTest pour la...
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    Thermomètre digital max/min pour...
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    Thermomètre pour les moûts et les laiteries
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  • Termómetro digital impermeable para industria Serie THERMA
    Thermomètres industriels imperméable pour...
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    Thermomètre à cadran bimétallique pour la...
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    Thermomètre électronique de poche
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  • Thermometre d´huile pour friture
    Thermometre d´huile pour friture
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  • Thermometre à lait accesoire pour barista
    Thermometre à lait accesoire pour barista
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  • Thermomètre à four pour volaille
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  • Termómetro de nevera y congelador con gancho
    Réfrigérateur analogiques
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  • Termómetro para interior de horno en acero con escala de temperatura por color
    Thermomètre placé dans le four
  • Termómetros para neveras y cámaras frigoríficas en acero inoxidable
    Thermomètres analogiques en acier inoxydable...
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  • termómetro digital de bolsillo resistente al agua con sonda de penetración
    Thermomètre digital étanche de poche
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    Thermomètre électronique à infrarouge avec...
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  • Thermomètre de cuisson pour sucre, caramel, confiture ou friteuses
    Thermomètre de cuisson pour sucre, caramel,...
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  • Thermomètre électronique max/min pour réfrigérateur et congélateur
    Thermomètre digital max/min pour...
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    Thermomètres analogiques pour réfrigérateurs...
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    Thermomètre digital THERMAPEN 3
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    Thermomètre digital pour catering THERMAMITE
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  • Data logger De un solo uso para transporte de alimentos, de venta en gesa
    Enregistreur de tempèrature Tempmate S1
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    Téléthermomètres D31
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