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What is an room thermometer?

A thermometer that measures the ambient temperature of an open or closed environment by an internal sensor or an external probe is considered an ambient or room temperature thermometer.

What can you do for us?

A room temperature thermometer is an instrument capable of measuring the temperature of the air in a specific environment. It can help us to control the temperature in a pantry so it does not exceed a certain limit or to know the temperature of our baby's room.

Types of room thermometers

According to your usage environment

 - Interior: An indoor room thermometer, or room thermometer for home will show us the temperature of any room or enclosure. When the temperature in our home is not adequate, we can have health problems. It is also important to control temperature in pantries or warehouses where high temperature variations can spoil food or stored materials.
 - Exterior: Outdoor room thermometers are manufactured to withstand harsher conditions such as rain, wind and cold or heat. It is usual the use of mercury environmental thermometers, for its precision and simplicity and durability although this substance is beginning to be replaced by other less polluting ones such as alcohols.

According to your technology

 - Analogs: These are traditional thermometers that display the temperature in dials with a needle or by straight scales according to their construction and measurement principle.  The most common thermometers for the measurement of ambient temperature are those based on the expansion of a liquid contained in a glass capillary or the bimetallic strip thermometers in the shape of a clock. however, there are many other types such as the Galilean thermometer, for example, based on variations in the density of liquids caused by temperature.
 - Digital: Digital room thermometers present the measurements in the form of a discrete numerical value, usually on an LCD screen, so they are easier to read and their data can be transmitted electronically or stored for a later use. There are many different types of ambient digital thermometers, but the most widely used ones use a thermistor housed inside the instrument housing itself or in a probe attached to a cable as a temperature sensor.
Precision varies greatly from one type to another and when choosing the right model for each application the properties of each room thermometer must be taken into account.

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