Pressure gauges with case in stainless steel M0305

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manometro con caja en acero inoxidable para calderas, sistemas de riego y motores navales

Suitable for all gaseous and liquid media that will not obstruct the pressure system or attack copper alloy parts. Specially designed for difficult conditions of use, as there are vibrations or quick changes of pressure. Also useful for adverse ambients.

Applications: Pressure gauges to measure water pressure in irrigation systems , Antivibration glycerin-filled pressure gauges for boat engines, watertight pressure gauges for boilers or air conditioning systems

Material caja: Acero inoxidable AISI 304

Visor: Policarbonato

Cierre de la caja: Aro sellado

Clase: 1.6

Elemento elástico: Tubo Bourdon

Grado de protección IP: IP65

Líquido antivibratorio: Glicerina

de 11 a 50 unidades ↓5%
de 51 a 100 unidades ↓10%
A partir de 101 unidades ↓15%
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case diameter (mm): Ø63
Mounting: Back centred connection
Pressure range: 0+4
Pressure scale: Single scale in bar
threaded connection (hidden): 1/4"BSPT macho
Threaded connection: 1/4" BSPT male
Thread / Moving parts material: Stainless steel AISI 316
Calibration traceable to ENAC patterns: Without certificate

El certificado de calibración es un documento que acredita el correcto funcionamiento del instrumento de cara a inspecciones y reglamentos. Para ello se contrastan las lecturas del instrumento

Language of certificate: Spanish
Calibration remarks:
Increment of 1 unit:
Technical documentation:

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