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Thermometers for pipes

  • Bimetal dial thermometers in stainless steel D01
    Bimetal dial thermometers in stainless steel...
    from 16,02€
    delivery in 24h
  • Bimetallic thermometer for pipes
    Bimetallic thermometer for pipes D61
    from 13,31€
    Delivery in 24h
  • Dial thermometers with bimetallic strip and inner components in copper alloy
    Bimetallic thermometers D03 Economical model
    from 6,58€
    Delivery in 24h
  • magnetic thermometer for metal surfaces such as radiators or pipes
    Dial thermometer with magnet up to 120º for...
    from 23,41€
  • Every angle inert gas filled thermometers
    Every angle dial thermometer in stainless...
    from 85,91€
  • termómetros con escala de opal en latón o acero para sistemas de climatización
    Industrial glass thermometers with opal...
    from 45,30€
  • Remote reading thermometers
    Remote reading thermometers D31
    from 130,52€
  • Remote reading thermometers
    Remote reading thermometers D32
    from 85,18€
  • Thermometer v-shaped
    Thermometer v-shaped in aluminum C0101
    from 30,19€
    delivery in 24h
  • Termómetro de capilla de poliamida C0102
    Thermometer v-shaped in polyamide C0102
    from 22,93€
    Delivery in 24h

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