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Liquid expansion thermometers for temperatures from -60ºC to 650ºC for aluminum models and from -60ºC to 200ºC to polyamide ones.
These instruments are very tough, easy to install and reliable.

Useful for controlling the fluid temperature in tanks or pipes of boat motors, engine cooling systems, boilers, Industrial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning installations, etc.

Requests for Naval catalogue references can be made:

ISSA code (International Shipsuppliers & Services Association) via email
IMPA code (International Marine Purchasing Association) via email

For temperatures up to 200°C polyamid cases are available, its low thermal conductivity prevents energy losses and frost formation when working at low temperatures.

In case of breakage or damage, all its components (glass rod, thermowell or case), are replaceable by new parts. This parts are also interchangeable with spare parts of other manufacturesrs as long as they comply with DIN standards. See:

DIN 16195 establishes the accuracy of these instruments. We Have ENAC traceable devices that guarantee th accuracy during the manufacturing stages and of certificates issued.
All thermometers can be certified if a customer requests it.

Please contact us if you do not find the desired combination of options.

NDHT V-shaped thermometers C0101.pdf257.55 KB

Case material: Aluminum


Thermometer v-shaped in aluminum C0101

Case dimensions: 150 mm

Height of the case from top to beginning of the stem

Case material: Aluminum
Case colour: Gold
Thermometer angle: Straight

Output stem angle

Temperature range (ºC): 0+120
Scale temperature: ºC
Thermometric liquid: Blue Liquid

liquid used for the glass rods

Stem length (mm): 40
Stem diameter (mm): Ø10
Threaded connection: ½" BSP male
Stem/Thread material: Brass
Logo: GESA
Calibration certificate: I do not need to calibrate this device

El certificado de calibración es un documento adjunto al instrumento que especifica el error y desviación en determnados puntos, es requerido en diversas áreas.

Calibration traceable to ENAC patterns: 3 point temperature calibration

El certificado de calibración es un documento que acredita el correcto funcionamiento del instrumento de cara a inspecciones y reglamentos. Para ello se contrastan las lecturas del instrumento

Points of the scale to calibrate:
Increment of 1 unit:
Language of certificate: Spanish
Calibration remarks:
Increment of 1 unit:
Technical documentation:
NDHT V-shaped thermometers C0101.pdf257.55 KB

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