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También te puede interesar de nuestra categoría de datalogger de temperatura:

Data logger temperatura humedad

  • Data logger compacto para temperatura
    Compact Data loggers for temperature
    from 91,38€
  • Datalogger for transport with bluetooth connection and data in the cloud
    Datalogger bluetooth with cloud storage
    from 59,17€
  • Data logger GesaLog RC-5 plus registrador de temperaturas sin sonda externa
    GesaLog RC-5 plus Data Logger with external probe and automatic PDF report
    from 36,18€
  • Hand-held temperature and humidity Data logger
    Hand-held temperature and humidity Data logger
    from 325,25€
  • Indoor temperature Data logger
    Indoor temperature Data logger
    from 106,87€
  • Data logger temperatura -40 a 125ºC
    Temperature Data logger -40 to 125ºC
    from 84,19€
  • Temperature Data logger  with display
    Temperature data logger with display
    from 170,37€
  • Data logger para altas temperaturas ThermaData con sonda termopar tipo K
    ThermaData logger with K-Type thermocouple Probes
    from 168,37€
  • Data logger Tempmate M1 registrador de temperaturas mercancias, venta en gesa
    Tempmate M1 Multi-Use Temperature USB Data Logger
    from 36,18€

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