Other instruments

  • Anemometer with probe
    Anemometer with probe
    Delivery in 24h
  • Válvula de bola portamanometros PN25
    Ball valve for pressure gauges PN 25
    from 9,75€
    Delivery in 24h
  • válvula de bola en latón con presión nominal de 20/25 bar
    Ball valve PN 20/25
    from 4,03€
    delivery in 24h
  • miniválvula de bola con presión nominal de 16 bar
    Mini ball valve PN 16
    from 4,46€
    delivery in 24h
  • Válvula de aguja portamanometros PN100
    Needle valve for pressure gauges PN 100
    from 39,45€
    Delivery in 24h
  • Non-standardized hydrometers in degrees Baumé (°Bé)
    Non-standardized hydrometers in degrees Baumé (°Bé)
    from 7,20€
  • Anemómetro termómetro portátil para montaña, navegación, surf, cometa, parapente
    Portable anemometer
  • Sound Level Meter
    Sound Level Meter S01
  • Threaded adaptor
    Threaded adaptor M1001
    from 6,33€
    Delivery in 24h
  • Conector roscado Din 2353
    Conector roscado Din 2353
    from 3,51€
    entrega en 24h
  • conector de tubo hidráulico sin rosca según norma DIN 2353
    Union Fitting Din 2353
    from 3,92€
    delivery in 24h

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