Float Level Switch (Ø30mm)

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A level switch is an instrument that allows, in containers or tanks, measuring the level of liquids and solids to identify if they reach or exceed a predetermined level.

NF switches allow an elementary examination of the level of a liquid and its installation is easy from the outside, using a thread.

It is enabled for a changeover contact and magnet installed inside the float that acts for the Reed switch, which is used to enable or disable a low power circuit (20 W).

It is advisable to carry out a regular sanitation. The lack of cleaning may cause blockages or obstructions in the part of performance of the float. It is essential to choose a site that is absolutely free of vibrations, tremors or movements that can alter the measurement.

Application: Naval industry, level alarms, level indication, OEM


Maximum tension
175V DC/AC (max)*

Maximum intensity
1A DC/AC (max)*

Maximum power

Range of work temperature
-20 + 120ºC

Minimum density
0,75 gr/cm³

Material (Float, thread, tubes)
Stainless steel AISI 316

* Values for resistive charges. For inductive or capacitive ones reduce values to 50%.

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Mounting of the level meter: Straight
Bulb length (L1): 100mm
Threaded connection: 1" BSP
Head: KSE

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