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The pen-shaped hygrometer thermometer incorporates a large, clear LCD that simultaneously displays both humidity and temperature over the range of 20 to 95% RH and 0 to 49.9°C.
This pocket hygrometer is ideal for monitoring the humidity and temperature in a wide range of applications. Unlike many hygrometers that are large and heavy to carry around, this compact hygrometer and thermometer is truly pocket-sized and convenient to use.
The hygro-Thermo incorporates a max/min button which allows the user to display the maximum and minimum humidity and temperature simultaneously.
The unit is housed in a slim, pen-shaped ABS case measuring 20 x 23 x 138mm and incorporates a pocket clip.

Application:Greenhouse, home & garden

Specifications Temperature Humidity
Range 0 to +49.9°C 20 to 95%rh.
Resolution 0.1°C 1%rh
Accuracy ±1°C ±5%rh
Sensor type Thermistor Capacitance
Battery 1.5 volt AAA
Battery life 6000 hours
Display custom LCD
Dimensions 20x23x138mm
Weight 35 grams

Pocket sized digital thermo-hygrometer

Calibration certificate: I do not need to calibrate this device

El certificado de calibración es un documento adjunto al instrumento que especifica el error y desviación en determnados puntos, es requerido en diversas áreas.

Magnitude to be calibrated: Just temperature
Temperature and humidity calibration:
Calibration traceable to ENAC patterns: 3 point temperature calibration

El certificado de calibración es un documento que acredita el correcto funcionamiento del instrumento de cara a inspecciones y reglamentos. Para ello se contrastan las lecturas del instrumento

Points of the scale to calibrate:
Increment of 1 unit:
Language of certificate: Spanish
Calibration remarks:
Increment of 1 unit:
Technical documentation:

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