High precision 0.4% digital pressure gauge with maximum, minimum and backlit display

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manometro con caja en acero inoxidable para calderas sistemas de calefaccion y motores navales

MD0906 digital pressure gauges are highly accurate and versatile instruments that allow you to check the pressure of gas, liquid, oil or any other non-corrosive medium. Its large 5-digit LCD display with is capable of displaying up to 12 different scales: Bar, mbar, psi, kPa, MPa, Pa, mmHg, mH2O, Torr, inH2O, Kgf / cm3 and ATM . The resolution adapts to each scale and pressure level, so if the pressure on one scale reaches 3 positive digits, it can only have 2 decimal places, while on another scale it could have 1 positive digit and 4 decimal places.

These gauges are accurate to 0.4% of full scale. This means that according to the maximum error it will be 0.4% of the total amplitude of the pressure range. For example, in a range of -1 to 16 bar (-14.5 to 232 psi) the scale width is 17 bar (246.5 psi) and the maximum error will be 0.068 bar (0.98 psi).

The instrument records the maximum and minimum readings, this memory can be erased. The sample rate is configurable from 1 to 10 times per second. Its "Zero" function allows the instrument to be recalibrated to 0 .

The high manufacturing quality of these digital pressure gauges allows them to endure in extreme working conditions:
-Can be installed in environments ranging from -10 to 60ºC
-Its resistance to overpressure of up to 150% (<250 bar) means that it withstands peaks of up to 1.5 times the maximum pressure range. Additionally, a pressure level indicator is shown on the screen.
-The backlit screen allows installation in dimly lit environments.

The digital pressure gauge is housed in a AISI 304 stainless steel case . The connection, also made of AISI 304, is compatible with most applications.

For its operation it requires 3 AA batteries of 4.5 volts that provide an average life of 18-24 months. Alternatively, it has a micro USB port that allows it to be connected to the current (> 0.1A) for continued use. The battery level is displayed on the screen.

Case material: AISI 304 stainless steel

Display: 5-digit LCD

Accuracy: 0.4% Full scale

Long-term stability: 0.2% Full scale / year

Overpressure: <250 bar 150% /> 250 bar 120%

Power: 3 x 4.5 volt AA batteries / micro USB current (> 0.1A)

Battery life: 18-24 months / Continued use (> 0.1A)

Electromagnetic compatibility: According to EN61326

Sampling frequency: 1 to 10 times per second, configurable

Case and connection material: AISI 304 stainless steel

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case diameter (mm): Ø100
Pressure range: 0+40
Precisión: 0.2%
Mounting: Radial connection
Threaded connection: ½" BSP male
Thread / Moving parts material: Stainless steel AISI 304
Calibration traceable to ENAC patterns: Without certificate

El certificado de calibración es un documento que acredita el correcto funcionamiento del instrumento de cara a inspecciones y reglamentos. Para ello se contrastan las lecturas del instrumento

Language of certificate: Spanish
Calibration remarks:
Increment of 1 unit:
Technical documentation:
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