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We issue temperature or pressure calibration certificates traceable to ENAC. Send your gauge or thermometer and indicate the points you want to calibrate.

Complete the information requested, This form is for one or more units of the same model*

    1º/ indicate the magnitude of measurement to be certified, temperature or pressure.

    2º/ indicate the number of points to be certified. The minimum quantity of points is 3.

    3º/ Enter the points to be certified, only integers, negative or positive are valid. write the numbers separated by spaces as in the example below:

    0 10 15 20


      The temperature calibrable ranges from -80 to 600°C
      The pressure calibrable ranges from -1 to 600 bar

    4º/ Choose a way to send the instrument to our laboratory, you have two options; send it to our facilites or have it picked by us. In any case do not forget to package it in a way that can be resent back to you in the same package.

We do not collect outside peninsular Spain, in that case contact us directly.

*If you want to calibrate different models or different combination of points, fill the form as many times as needed.


Calibration certificates for temperature, pressure and humidity

Type of calibration: I want to CALIBRATE a device bought in GESA
Measuring variable to be certified: Temperature (T)
Number of points to be certified: 3
Points of the scale to calibrate:
Increment of 1 unit:
Temperature and humidity calibration:
Sending of the instrument to our facilities: I want Gesa to collect the instrument.
Language of certificate: Spanish
Description of the instrument:
Increment of 1 unit:
Documentación instrumento:
Increment of 1 unit:

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(**) Subtotal before taxes has to be greater than the specified amount 50€ or 250€.