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It is increasingly common to have a wood oven in our garden, and its use is becoming popular as they are not difficult to build. We also find firewood ovens for sale in specialized stores. It is used in various applications although the most common have to do with cooking processes, such as the preparation of baking mashes or pizzas or the roasting of seeds. Being a kind of oven which is generally non-industrial and whose fuel is firewood, we need to be able to control the temperature inside. For this purpose, there are models of special thermometers for wood oven. They are thermometers that have been designed to withstand high temperatures and to measure the temperature in these types of ovens.

Why buy a wood-burning oven thermometer?

In this type of furnaces where the heat source is not as homogeneous as in a conventional electric furnace, it is necessary to have a precise measurement of the temperature. The electric ovens have a front display in which we can regulate the temperature, but in a wood oven the temperature is regulated by adding more firewood or letting the fire turn into embers. This is why a thermometer that measures the temperature inside the oven is vital.
The thermometers can be placed in different points, and depending on the size of the oven we will need to have readings from different areas. In small furnaces a thermometer on the door will suffice, this type of thermometer is designed specifically for that function and most furnaces have a space reserved for the installation of these instruments. Larger ovens where heat is not distributed evenly will require thermometers in different areas, for this long-stem thermometers are used that can be installed on the walls of the kiln, the size of the shank will depend on the thickness of the walls. We also find thermometers to place inside the oven or thermometers with mobile external probes that we can place at the point we want to measure.

What types of wood-fired thermometers are there?


These thermometers are the most common type of wood oven thermometer. They are usually dial thermometers with bimetallic strip with good precision and great resistance. However, they can be more difficult to read than digital models.


The digital thermometers for wood oven are devices with external probe that allow greater flexibility since they are not designed for fixed installations. These thermometers allow us, for example, to insert the probe into a piece of meat and control the temperature at which it is cooking inside. It is an indispensable tool for those who do not want to leave any detail of the cooked at random.

Where to buy a wood-burning oven thermometer?

This type of thermometers are in specialized stores, we have a wide range of wood-burning oven thermometers, both analog and digital, with the advantage that you can find the instrument that best suits your ovens and make the purchase without leaving from your house.

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