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Relative humidity, vapour tension and dew point are determined using a psychrometer. This device consists of a set of two equal thermometers: one of them, called "dry thermometer", that serves simply to get the temperature of the air, and the other, called "wet thermometer", which has a tank covered with a wet muslin and a tank of distilled water connected through a wick

Operation: the water that soaks the muslin evaporates, but to do so requires heat, obtained from the thermometer, that lowers the temperature. The evaporated water is replaced by water coming through the wick. Transport is automatically adjusted, establishing a stationary system that depends on the rate of evaporation. The thermometer receives the same amount of water that evaporates.

The rate of evaporation, i.e. the amount of evaporated water depends on moisture in the air, since if the air is saturated it is clear that it will not support any more steam, while if it is very dry, evaporation will be very active. On the other hand, the drop in temperature caused by evaporation depends, at the same time, on evaporation speed, because also this side leads to a stationary balance between heat lost due to evaporation and the received from outside, so the drop in temperature does not progress indefinitely, rather it stops at a more or less low point of equilibrium

Instructions for use:

The glass tube between the two thermometers is filled with water

The difference between the two thermometers indicates the % of humidity in the air.

Example: Dry thermometer indicates 18 degrees and humid 15° being the 3ºC the difference which corresponds to 71% of moisture.

The appliance should not be exposed to the Sun.

Dimensions: 360x210mm
Temperature range: 0 to 50ºC
Humidity range: 3 to 100%RH



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El certificado de calibración es un documento adjunto al instrumento que especifica el error y desviación en determnados puntos, es requerido en diversas áreas.

Calibração rastreável aos padrões ENAC: Calibração de temperatura de 3 pontos

El certificado de calibración es un documento que acredita el correcto funcionamiento del instrumento de cara a inspecciones y reglamentos. Para ello se contrastan las lecturas del instrumento

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Idioma do certificado: Espanhol
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