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About us...

Our company is now serving 50 years of presence in the European market

Since our very beginning we devoted ourselves to the manufacture and commercialisation of precision instruments. We fabricate a wide range of standard instruments as well as under specification, but always according to standards such as DIN, ASTM, BS…

In the course of this time we have gained great experience on our customer’s necessities both general and specific. Our products are effectively used in many areas comprehending:

  • Shipyards and fishing industry
  • Heating and refrigeration
  • Chemical and petrochemical facilities
  • Food and catering
  • Irrigation and drainage

In this new version of our website will appreciate a more effective presentation of all our activities as well as easier to compose budgets queries or requests.

We manage more than 10,000 different references, many of which are in stock, so the usual delivery time is two or three days. For other fabrications and depending on the amount, the average time is usually about two weeks.
Our customer support includes technical advice necessary for the correct choice of instrument best suited to their needs.

We have the necessary metrology equipment for the issuance of certificates of calibration of all our instruments, both in temperature and pressure. All internal standards used in the manufacture and issuance of certificates of calibration are traceable to ENAC (National Accreditation)

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Our management system follows the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. Audited by SGS (Certificate ES15 / 18981).


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(**) El subtotal antes de aplicar impuestos debe ser superior a 50€.