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Thermomètre bimétallique

What are they?

Bimetal thermometers are instruments used to measure temperature based on the contraction and expansion principles of 2 different metal alloys, one with a high coefficient of expansion and the other with a low one.

The two alloys are joined in helical spiral form in what is known as bimetallic strip. In the case of thermometers with immersion rods this spiral is welded at one end to the lower area of ​​the tube and on the other to an indicating needle.

How do they work?

The bimetallic thermometer works in the following way:
Each of the metal alloys dilates or contracts in different degrees for each level of temperature. This produces that the bimetallic strip in the form of a helix coils or unwinds before variations in temperature. The strip when rolled up is shortened and when it is unwound it lengthens, that linear movement becomes a rotating movement on the indicator needle. In case you need one for high temperatures, it is best to use a pyrometer

In summary, to work, a bimetallic thermometer takes advantage of the difference in the coefficients of thermal expansion of metal strips attached, which, when the temperature varies, become deformed, causing the movement of a needle that is measured against a scale.

The temperature sensitive element, the bimetallic strip, is manufactured using 2 cold-welded metal strips as a base.

Uses and applications

The bimetallic thermometers with immersion stem are used in different industries, they are installed in tanks, boilers, pipes or furnaces so their applications are as many as there are types of industries, here we present some of the most typical:
< br> -They are installed in control systems in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry.

-They are an indispensable element in any air conditioning installation in any building or industrial plant.

-They are necessary for temperature control in petrochemical plants.

-In the food industry are critical to know and control the temperature of certain processing processes. A very common example is the brewing process.

-They are inserted in boat engines or industrial machinery.

Without bimetallic thermometers many industrial procedures could not be performed. Take a look at this catalog and you can take the bimetallic thermometer model you need.

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