Calibration certificates

The calibration process compares the output value of the instrument under calibration with a standard at different points of their scale, our standard consists in traceable patterns to UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) and the spanish ENAC (Entidad Nacional de Acreditación).

During calibration the result of measuring instrument should be adjusted ,so that, it is put in accordance with the standard, to a specified accuracy. However, there are few instruments that can be adjusted until the perfect correspondence with the values given by the standards with which they are compared.The results obtained are reported through our calibration certificate, which indicated a document identification code and detailed information about the instrument to calibrate, date, method of calibration, environmental conditions (temperature, humidity,...), the results and uncertainties obtained, and signature and accreditation of our laboratory.

Generally the calibration process is, in fact, comparison of an unknown value and a known one and the registration of the data obtained.

Various reasons can lead to the need to calibrate an instrument:
Realization of a new instrument calibration

  • Expiration of the period of validity
  • Depletion of certain volume of use (hours of work)
  • Impacts or strong vibrations that descalibrate the instrument
  • Changes in temperature
  • Whenever the observations obtained are questionable
  • To comply with current regulations

In Gesa we have the necessary metrology equipment for the issuance of certificates of calibration of all our instruments, both temperature and pressure. All internal patterns used in manufacturing and issuing calibration certificates are traceable to ENAC.

We provide certificates for instruments of different

  • Certificates of 1 to 7 points
  • Range for temperature - 30 ° c to 600 ° C
  • Range for pressure - 1 to 600 bar
  • Fast and flexible service.

Certificates to instruments not supplied by Gesa will require shipping the instrument to our facilities. The usual deadline for issuing certificates is 5 days.

Calibration certificate

Calibration certificate

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