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What is the purpose of a pressure gauge in an air conditioning system?

Air conditioning systems use chemicals in a liquid or gaseous state that exchange the temperature of different parts of the system. These chemicals are called refrigerants and are introduced into the system at pressures above the atmospheric one. The pressure gauge for air conditioning measures the pressure of the fluid in the system. The pressure gauge has several scales in addition to the pressure in bars and each of them relates the pressure to the temperature of a certain fluid. For example, the refrigerant R-134a has a temperature of about 20ºC when the pressure is 5 bars.

The pressure gauge allows us to detect when an anomaly occurs in an air conditioner. With a pressure gauge for air conditioning you can make a preliminary diagnosis of the factors that may be failing and even determine the exact cause of the error facilitating its repair.

How to use a pressure gauge for cooling and air conditioning?

At the moment in which the measurement is taken, the needle simultaneously indicates the pressure and temperature value of the fluid in the system. We will check that it is within the usual levels of work and if not, we must perform the necessary maintenance work. An air conditioning system, or any other air conditioning system, will typically need several of these pressure gauges for proper monitoring.

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